All Together NOW! In "A Beautiful Mind" it was postulated that cooperation is more beneficial than competition and I agree. The Arts Upstairs is based on that beautiful principal and we all benefit by it. Man, woman, birth, death, life, infinity... Like a Ben Casey whirlpool of satori epiphanies, I come to the conclusion that either we are all together now or we shall all hang separately. (Or was that two if by land...?)


Durga Burnhard channels native spirit totems in "Sacrifice to Artemis"


What could be more together than a vulture and some ungulate breakfast?


"Beau Belle Douze" is a Warholian grid pattern mystery by Michael Bishop.

If this woman were a soup can I could understand her better.

Either way, it's tomatoes.

Aha. At last something I can sink my teeth into.

There goes another bicuspid.

John Byer has taken bones and logs and created

"Wood Henge"

Little does he know. Or you for that matter - that on the edge of the parking lot at the mall in Kingston is a ring of giant boulders that I call"Mall Henge."  A remarkable geological formation at the level of the box store roof tops along 9W - that provides the greatest view of the Catskills around, perfect for bongo parties, and is also an excellent landing pad for aliens.

Ask me about it. $1



When it comes to gassing up, E G Cleveland has no comparison. "Untitled" is hardly the way to say it. But  if you have read a few of my safaris, you know how I feel about untitled artworks. Gnarly, disgruntled, stinky, mad and nasty.


Give it a name for chrissakes!


And check the oil while you're at it, Gilmore.



Wendy Drolma is just killing me with her sadistically twangy "Untitled" mask.

How about "Hubble Telescope?"

How about "Yo-Yo from The Black Hole?"

How about "Phantom of the Shandaken Theatrical Society Playhouse?"

Wendy... Name it!





Now that's better.

Lynn Fliegel doesn't waste paint or waste words either. She had the decency to name her painting 

"Abstract #2."

I couldn't have said it better myself.





Dana Fraser has out done herself. Not only did she create and extrude the child, she made a painting about him, too. "Chance"


From a child of the same name.




Paul Haran has taken an ordinary electric fan finger guard and turned it into a mythic mandala.

"Mayan Life" is the kind of title I advise artists to select.


It just so happened that as I was doing my art safari thing, there was a video workshop from the INDY program going on.

Local kids were studiously editing on some of the latest computer technology and creating what looks like damn good programs.


James Knight cuts loose with "Absolute"

Read it while his fingers do the dancing.

The manual approach to automatic writing (a la Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray) takes flight as he frees the feet from fetters.





Shelli Lipton (wasn't she in the Mod Squad?) has the kind of sense of humor that is not appreciated by homeland security baggage handlers at today's paranoid airports.


Sign her "Petition To End Marijuana Prohibition" if you want to end up in Sing Sing. And don't bogart that joint, either.



Ingrid Mazerat has seen the light... "Esopus Lighthouse" to be precise.

She and Ken Whyte share the solo room for a conundrum laced duo solo exhibition experience.

And the lighthouse is also an experience to be enjoyed. Be sure to visit at low tide if you want to walk the nature trail out to the point.





Ken Whyte captures the rustic essence of country life in this photo of a barn door.


Cheri Nelson proves once again that good things come in small packages.

Unlike diamond bracelets, however, these objet d'art "Right Here" have very modest price tags.


Salvatore Scalisi does not name the unnameable, though he unwittingly incurs the wrath of Dave for giving his work the title "Untitled"


These are clearly square polyurethane pizzas with turquoise anchovies, and a sunset egg dropping to the twilight zone horizon.


Take that Salvatore! I will grab you by the shoulders and shake you Italian style next time I see you.


Fred Woller either chose not to title his Francis Baconian portrait of a Prussian soldier, or he actually wanted it to be called "Untitled"


Amazing what a well-aimed cannonball can do to a fellow's head.

Well...     Da dggita diggita diggita... that's all folks!    See ya next time.     Back to the safari!