are pronounced the same in Brooklyn. I didn't know they spoke French. But NIMBY and faux-front veneers aside, I try to see through the outer layer and catch a glimpse of the pile behind your shed. So strap on your pith helmets and slip a Timex on the bumper of your Range Rover and let's go ram a Rhino on the latest Art Safari, "Backards & Facades!"

I cut out smokin', I cut out drinkin', I cut out chasin' wimmen, and now I CUT OUT PAPER DOLLS! Which is why there is a special room for people like me and Lenny Kislin. The padding is usually a little thicker. I heard the Native Americans had a sacred type of tobacco but they gave us the poisonous relative we smoke today. I have no bones with the way Lenny gets his steel-reinforced mesage across: "No Smoking."

We know people play with Barbies lots of different ways... slamming a drawer on their heads or pricking pins in their eyes, pulling their hair... admit it girls, you know you did!

But Edward Berkise has shown true, colorblind, un-sadistic Barbie love in this fabulous feminine reliquary, "Interracial Vows."

I shot about 40 Gay & Lesbian marriage videos in New Paltz, and I think I remember this couple. I particularly admire how Ed has incorporated the amputee imagery.

Don't they look marvelous! (P.S. the key is to room 403.)

Disclaimer: No Barbies were harmed in the production of "Interracial Vows"


"Political Machine" is an orthodontic morality play.

Play hardball in politics and expect to lose a few teeth.

John Byer reminds us to stand tall in the place where we live. And chew on the left.


Barry DeBaun takes us back in time to a place back of the barn. I thought it was a photograph for a minute and then put my glasses on. This watercolor looks more lifelike than a photgraph! But that's academic compared to the time travel.

This is only a jpeg of "Yesterday's Toil." If you want to see what I mean, you gotta be there. The hors d' ouvres ain't bad either.




Imelda Cajipe Endaya gives us "Phillipine Treasure Hunt 2."

I'm pretty sure the crocodile is where the prize is. Or maybe it's in Switzerland. I wonder if she's going to open that gold wrapped chocolate candy anytime soon?


I heard that.

It's either Rudolph or I'm the Mona Lisa.

Omigod! It's Bullwinkle! And I'm Marcel Duchamp! Will the serpent swallow the chicken? Stay tuned after this commercial break.

BUY! "While we're away" BUY! Shalom Gorewitz BUY!

And now back to our sponsors...

Once in Big Sur I dropped acid with a fellow who looked like a hairy lion. I had a "Dark Premonition"

But it wasn't like this. Maybe the party girl has bitten off more than she can chew.

Susanne Kosoy certainly employs the masks of comey and tragedy. And the joker. Facades are two dimensional. That's also how you can tell an hallucination from the real thing. In case you were wondering.


I have these in my back yard.

So I can relate to "No Right Turn." A 3-dimensional tribute to ants and traffic signs. Whenever I look at an ant farm, it remids me ot the 14th Street subway station or a busy intersection. Maybe if she uses formic acid, the poison in ant stings, Astrid Nordness can get people to stop making those illegal right turns.




This painting took over twenty years to make.

The little strip of Coney Island across the bottom is actually a sliver of tarp that captured the wayward drips flung from Lynn Fliegel's "Wild" flying brush sometime all the way back in the 80's.

If you don't have touch-o-vision on your monitor you can't fully appreciate the fluffy layer of lint from BabyToes dye lots that offers us something soft to walk on instead of those crushed up sea shells and pop-tops that are so abrasive to your feet.






I like the sound of the brown wind, whispering through the heads of grain in "Fresh Wheat" by Deborah Joyce.

She ought to make some bread with this painting.


Ronnye Jai eats at "Elmer's Diner."

I'll have a double bacon cheeseburger with shoestring fries, a fhick shake, and a warm slice of apple pie with melted American cheese.



Anique Taylor cozies up to the quilted surfaces of "Spring Whisper" with comforters of pearlescent color.

The hills are tucking her in, under a blanket of trees.

This is a dream we can share with our eyes open.

Come and see Anique's whole wall of paintings- a delicious treat for the eye and pineal gland.

Your Web Safari Guide,

Dave Channon


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