Dogs don't sweat - they just pant and slother their tongues when the heat is on. So in the spirit of August, we fire up the Land Rover and barrel down that tropical Art Safari trail in search of images in honor of the Dog Days. Fido! Fetch! Give me your paw! Rollover! Woof! Sit! Good boy! 


Bronson Eden knows how to cut an art pizza. "A Very Thin Slice" that somehow manages to capture every anchovy, mushroom, pepper and sausage on the pie. Even the pesto and goat cheese.


Carol Lieberman gives us a gilmpse into an unlikely love affair between dog and cat in "Charlotte and Magellan."

I heard that in San Francisco, they can get married.


Dave Channon has welded a canine metaphor for the state of our nation in "Liberty Bulldog."   There is a crack in the coal stove door just like the Liberty Bell, and just like our Constitution.

Notice the bone he is guarding.

The dog is locked and chained to the post, but the key is in the lock, so all you have to do is turn the key and set him truly free. Also, if you wag the tail, the legs trot, gonads wobble, and his snout barks just like a real dog. The testicles also rotate. A true case of the tail wagging the dog.

Come on up and and try it sometime.


I'm still looking for the dog tags in this one. Hugh Morris gives us the boot camp treatment in what could be Baghdad in "The Eagle and the Arrow." Could the arrowhead be made of depleted uranium?

If you visit The Arts Upstairs you can read the article that explains the whole thing, but I'm not telling you what it says.


Whoa, Bessie. Kurt Boyer has the dog's eye view in this painting of a Farmer and his cow, "Not Today."


John Lennon gazes out of history to remind us that all you need is love.

Lucy Lasky makes sure we hear the message in "John Lennon Wall."


Dogs love trees, right? So Nancy Howell decided to paint a picture of dog's best friend , "The Last Best Day."


Noel Darvie.

This duet solo room show of paintings delivers us to an autumn water hole in "Tanglewood Fall."

Tranquil reflections of the golden season that follows the Dog Days. And all the changes of nature throughout the year.


Yanging to the Yin in the duo/solo room, Norman Darvie thrusts "Nymph and Putti." A glandular torso amid aerial frolicking cherubs.that is one hyperextended step beyond "St. John the Baptist" by Rodin  (in the illogical perspective of the feet.)


Preston Jones really gets the joneses in this salute to Bowery Bums wherever they may live. I'm not sure what army this fellow served in but he's got the post traumatic "OE" syndrome for sure.


That last one really got me spooked so I'm gonna leave you with Renee Englander's lyrical abstract expressionist "Untitled." It almost borders on Japanese ink and brush panoramic landscape paper scrolls.

So peacefull... like


Weeds in snow.


Fog Fronds.


Cream of Farina.


Sebacious Ganglia


Anything but "Untitled."




See you next time.

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