Amazing. TAU is Five Years Old. I remember being five. It wasn't pretty. Something to do with bugs as I recall. Nevermind. Instead, let's all regress back to when we were five and goof on the artwork like rotten kids. Are ya with me? 1 - 2 - 3 - FIVE!

Speaking of Bee-ach, James Achstatter gets the Twilight Zone award for the scariest nightmare with two bee-aches in Farce of America.
Emma Baldwin has the idea.. They say the eyes of a child can look in 360 degrees at once.This explains the unusual appearance of Parrot Love
This homage to caribou has optical enhancement built in. Ann Byer calls it Sibling Rivalry. I bet the glasses are to deflect the old Three Stooges poke-your-eye-out routine that five year olds often do for fun when they're not picking their noses.
Yep. That's Frank Sinatra on the left. It's Guy & Doll. Jude DeFalco really lets it all hang out this time. The slithering ointment strokes move like a soothing slimy salve over rough irritated chapped blue ball puckered skin.
Makes you look years younger.
Doris Gilbert goes postal in Letters From Tom & Dana.


Across the third ocean, past the third mountain, lies the Third Plateau. Preston Jones really elevates the horizon until it literally pops off the plane without a parachute.

As I approached the second floor apartment door, I thought to myself To Be Or Not To Be. Then I peepedthrough the little hole in the box.


Babette J Kiesel gives us a second chance to experience birth trauma.
Todd Leland calls his tryptich New Orleans.
It looks like it got caught in the flood.
Beverly Calls Him Rufus.
A pekinese if I ever saw one. A gold plated flea collar award goes to Rob O'Connor.
This looks like a Howie halloween party. But Robert Ricard lives in the alternate dimension where the party happens Once A Year At Frank's Place.
Quick, someone get a virgin to throw into this here volcano!
Rebecca Schweiger has an eruption in Light Bursting.
Lora Shelley inhabitates the solo room with a civilization of wistful women. The Diner Outside at Dusk seems like the wrong time to order a breakfast special... but it's always 11 AM somewhere in the world.
Eleanor Lost one of her socks so she wears two different ones. This is a clue to understanding Anique Taylor's personality complex.

Woof. Woof. Wolf.

Marcia Wolf almost verges on the Warholian with her portrait of Zero.

Zuikon asks for a lifeline in Could Someone Please Bail Me Out?
While our Government is bailing out the billionaires, regular folks have to spend the night in the pokey.
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