The Arts Upstairs balcony window beckoned "Come Up And See Me Some Time" so I did. Then I fell madly in LOVE at the LOVE SHOW. It was the wafting pheromones and that was no pistol (or was it pickle?) in my pocket. Come, let us plunk our magic art twangers together...

Oops! Sparrow has accidentaly inhaled pollen from "Nuclear Flowers" by Thom Joyce... The same variety that once made Mr. Spock fall in love on Star Trek. It works a bit like Love Potion Number 9. Notice the romantic gleam in his eyes?

Dakota Lane has priced to move her tickled pink squiggle vixen "Reduced For Quick Sale". The frisky brush wiggles are sugary, like cake icing wanting to be licked, or is it just my 'magination running away with me?

Which pill makes you smaller? I forgot! Let's "Go Ask Alice". Instead, Ronniie Jai invokes the magnolia blossom peacock spirit to discover an answer within herself. (P.S. it's the little purple one.)


Pete DiModica and Chandra Lencina love leather and wood. The Cloudspinners mingle styles and textures in this brilliant "Jewelry Box". Gleaming bird's eye grain plays against the earthy tooled leather top, and the treasure door slides in and out so smoothly you can feel the suction.

Marvella's mini armoire holds a heart of gold in "El Corazon".

Joyceannewlodarczyk advises: "Have A Little Heart". She, Janis Joplin & I agree, because I am a humanitarian which means my diet consists of human beings. I wonder if this valentine candy has my favorite flavor filling?

"Hermes Saves A Seagull From The Sea" and James Knight paints it. Hermes was a Greek God with wings like Mercury. He presided over commerce, wrestling, and other gymnastic exercises, even over thieving. According to Hesiod, his buddy Odysseus was saved by a seagull. That's just too coincidental!

Migty Eee mixes many metaphors in "Mother & Child 1", a hexagonal socio-political spin on momhood and old glory. The flag undergoes a chromatic rotation until the stars and stripes reflect a universal love rainbow. Even the six pointed star is slightly spun so it stands on two points, one of which is our founding Fore-Mother and the other might become a bald headed eagle.

If those two not-so-lonesome little cowboys don't look out, they might get hooked by Phoebe Leger in "Nymph Of The Esopus". They wouldn't be the first fish to end up in her creel. But her fly is flung into the arms of old man wind and who knows which way he blows? A diaphenous dress barely conceals diaphenous loins. Her head is completely transparent but her legs are quite solid... I remember once seeing them sprout from beneath a roaring accordion during a torch song in a cabaret.

Read The DaVinci Code and you will learn the secret behind "Magdalena Sisters". Duo-Dynamic Christina Varga gives us her woman's intuition on love Italian style. Mary Magdalene had Jesus, what a catch! And now the sisters are doin' it for themselves.

"Doxy Cupid" might be a Dachshound with wings, or maybe Hermes with a dog body. Who cares as long as she's wearing those bitchin' shades! Thanks, Amy Shokan Brown for perking up my day with puppy love.

"Study For Bronze" is Fred Woller waxing poetic in a wax homage to Henry Moore. Damn, I thought it WAS bronze. Those rolling thunder thighs tantalize and hypnotize us guys.

Danger Will Robinson! Do not go near professor Smith! He is a pervert! And absolutely no perverts will be allowed to enter the X Rated room at TAU. Children should be accompanied by an adult that is not a pervert.

Meadow's "Looking Sexy In The 1970's". The introspective poem carries your eyes back and forth, back and forth, until you have the surprising sensation of large fluffy breasts gently slapping you across the face, sometimes known as a Bronsky.

Sheep shearing from the sheep's eye view in "The Butt Of My Existence" by Faye Storms. I used to feel this way when going for a haircut as a child. The Green hair tonic really grossed me out but it was better than sheep-dip!

"Ma & Pa" make some home movies in Chris Hawkins' earthy assemblage. The power plug is definitely in the wall socket. Notice the beer can lids on the film reels. Later on they can replay the greatest Schlitz of the Pabst on their super 8 projector.

Bronson Eden goes bungalo loco in a frolicking dia de los muertos he calls "My Little Town". Tiny rascals appear to dance the cabin fever fandango in a mortality and morality agenda bending whirl from door to door. 2B or not 2B, what was that room number?

Mr. Mushroom as Wendigo? Elves, sprites, toads and spores dangle from the toadstools in this antlered state of existence by Richard Treitner entitled "Woodland Vision". My vision got a little blurry when I looked at this painting. Perhaps I should get my highs examined.

Since we must give up our privacy in order to fight terrorism, we might as well enjoy the surveillance photos. Leslie Geertsma spied Ken and Barbie's friends Piff and Jiggles "Touch Me Here" in these three frames of what was originally a seventeen hour movie.

Well, it's time to say goodbye to lusty life on Xena, the newly discovered partner of Pluto and first X Rated planet in our solar system. We leave you with one last lingering bittersweet heartfelt vision of the delicate, dizzying, delicious delerium of love from Nina, "Hearts & Tears".

May romance warm your February heart.

Dave Channon