Who Dunnit? Take the fifth. What's he doing down there? I dunno, it's a MYSTERY... Stephen King, eat your heart out. P.S. the butler did it. What's it tooya?  Who wants to know?   Nyaaaah! I'm boss around here, SEE?  If Joe sent you, then read on...




I think I heard a karmic boom as Patricia Charnay broke the species barrier with her "Pet Plant".  It proves Frank Zappa's postulate, "Ask any vegetable and the chances are good that a vegetable will respond to you."

Some people are Vegetarians, I am a Humanitarian.



Bronson Eden's graphic portrayal of core 3 at Fukushima meltdown.

The colors are enhanced to create contrast, the shapes are made up as he goes along.

"Country Pi Brownian Motion" for you math and chemistry geeks.


James Love Cromewell IV (don't you just love that name?) does his rendition of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock.


Bite the strings with your teeth James!



Mark Loete extends his tentacles (not testicles!)  in an undersea odessy.


I like that.


Undersea Oddesy.


He calls it "Chrysaora  Pacifica 1" for some reason.



sunday dawn marie entwines my  art shamrock so bad in "Thistle".

She has thououghly perforated the solo rooms, stairwell, even TAU's unisex bathroom with her permanent ink-red-ible personna mucho grata.

There were acres of  sunday's mysterious tattoo fantasy riding on sunset-drenched galleristas at the opening.

Skinflower Cosmic Arts on the boardwalk rules!




Sunday is Baaaaack.

In fact, this solo show is so packed, it's a month of sundays.

Mama Universa astra stargaza extravaganza, for example,  "Nut".

You gotta read the inspirational inscriptions on each piece.



Ingrid Mazerat is where it's at particularly in the "Wine of the Vine" vineyard.

My tour at Gallo was never like this.

It was interesting to meet Orson Wells, though.



Now I'm completely mystified.

Is this an "Image of a Floating World" by Petra Nimtz?

Some things are better left mysterious.





OK Margaret Owen, go ahead and pop my eyeballs out again.

This deep fried glitter fritter is called  "Orange Swirls".


I would serve it with peach chutney.



Achieve linkage with Scott Patterson's riveting "Chains of Love".

These little iron monkeys just love to dangle from each other.



Sooner or later it cums to this.

Homo Erectus, AKA Leaky Man, greases the French wheels of industry with his right-tool-for-the-job entitled "La Machine".

Lie to me Pinnocchio. Lie to me!



No one leave the room. The murderer is here among us and the star cannot testify against itself.

Take the fifth, Abby Watson, for your five pointed "Shine".



This little bugger is thin as filligree and has a pedigree to prove it.

Brian Watson (any relation to Amy?) designated it "Farewell".

At the end of the day, Helene Weissman takes us down a sandy path to her red velvet "Sunset Landscape".