What is more open than the Open Show at The Arts Upstairs? Open your eyes and your mind. Open the door and come upstairs. Then open your wallet and buy some excellent art.

William Accorsi opens up this Safari with Button Dog, a candy store for the eyes.





Cleverly camoflaged in a bark trimmed frame that echoes the amphibious warts, "Ribbit" is what it would say if solo room artist Jeanette Attile wanted it to.




One good bug deserves another. With a face only a mother could love, this invasive critter known as the Emerald Ash Borer has an equally invasive acronym.

EAB by Dave Channon.






Bronson Eden helps propogate her worldly reputation in Portrait of Chloe Valentine.




Gavin Owen is a painter's painter. Nasturtium is a potted plant's potted plant. A touch of Alice Neel, a dash of Phillip Guston and a pinch of brut naivete.





In case you get a little weary, Zeev W. Neumann carves up an invitation to Lean on Me. I tried it and it works.




Joseph Prieboy makes a bust of Pigpen (East Wind), the famous freestore hash slingin' kitchen cook & hippie of yore.




Babette Kiesel is quite a kook but you couldn't tell that from her drawing of a Male Nude.





Victo Velardi proves imitation is the sincerest form of flattery in Plane Talk, an apparant homage to Lenny Kislin.




Robert Riccard always makes me happy that things could be a lot worse.


Chloe Valentine shares the solo rooms with Jeanette Attile. Her linguistic cunning and cheesecake collage make a statement about the surge of the sexes, a kind of dichotomy. On the left we see a pincushion of sorts, Sexy Threads. Below is a detail from Lipstick.


Fred Woller's solo show includes works on paper and sculptures. They all indicate a Henry Moore approach to the human form, bulging, twisted, fractured and reassembled with voluptuosity. Of special note is a remarkable stone carving with a delicate skin like surface that simultaneously demands to be touched and yet remains untouchable. On left is Pastel Composition 1, Below is Human Nature.








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