Lots of things POP. Weasels, corks, questions, eyeballs, balloons, Rice Crispies, etc. Art can POP, too, as in the case of this month's safari at Arts Upstairs. I suggest you buy a can of Campbell's soup, hang it on your wall, and with the money you save by not getting a Warhol, you can buy just about the entire show. Then eat the soup.

Tom Fraser illustrates the sound of Disney warfare in "Mickey has a gun".

Relax! if you hear the POP, that means you dodged the bullet.

But there's no dodging this ferocious yet innocent rodent in bas relief.


See Lucy verbally abuse Charley. See Charley POP.

Just like TV Rodeos, where the camera always cuts away to the cowboy's determined face at the instant the cow smashes into the ground on the end of the yanked lasso, we are spared the zeitgeist of Charley's skull cracking on the pavement.

Michael Hunt has rendered "Slacker!!!" in some kind of petrified synthetic compound that will preserve this frozen moment for at least 20,000 years.


Alicia is one of two grand Kenyons who are showing for the first time at TAU.

"Snake Lady" has overtones of Adam & Eve, the American Medical Association logo, and the POP cult icon Elvira. The artist likes scary stuff and the serpents probably like her, too.


Alicia's sister, Amy Kenyon, communicates more tender moods in this Anime inspired drawing, "Lolita Complex".

Notice how the eyes POP.

Amy is 13. Alicia will be 15 in a few days. They show a lot of talent and I hope to see more of their work in future shows.


I've heard of Tele-Evangelists, but "Telly Doctor" is a new one on me. This one probably makes house calls on a cell phone.

Babette Kesel has incorporated a clear plastic see through princess-style phone so you can talk to the doctor. The doctor has some kind of clear plastic skin so you can see the acne pustules beneath.

I advise wiping the receiver with disinfectant before making the call.



Lenny Kislin gives us a "Glimpse of freedom".

The little guy inside the tower looks like he has nothing left to lose. Ask Janis Joplin, or Chris Kristofferson.

I always say that in our POP culture, free means you ain't got it. As in sugar-free, fat-free, caffiene-free, and free-lunch.

Perhaps this will soon apply to free speech.


Here's one of my collages, "Pop Goes The Model".


I'm looking forward to attending some figure drawing workshops at TAU. Anyone else interested?



Shelli Lipton has captured the pre-POP in "Waiting for the bubble to pop".

Bubbles form because of the surface tension in the soap film.

There is also a lot of surface tension in this photo.


"Can-Can", can you do the Can-Can?

Muriel Kneeshaw can.

This sculpture was probably once a can. Can U Dig It?


As a matter of fact, I picked this piece out but it wasn't untill just now that I noticed the nice legs.

TAU shows quite a few metal artists and can they sell!


Rodrigo Pedrolli and Michael Murphree are featured in this month's wall of art.

"Bike Light" is just one of a dozen or so chromium sublime images.


Chrome says POP to me.



But what could be more POP than Coke?

Soda-POP, that is.

So here's Bruce Ackerman's "Girl on a Coke sign"

I heard that there are 300 teaspoons of corn syrup in a typical can of Coke, but this drawing is sweeter.



I just love Amy Shoko Brown's "Doggie + Birdhouse".

This is a case of cork POPping with a gentle nod to Alexander Calder.


Also detected is a shamanistic matchbox.


H.K. Pulschen reminds us that "Change is Bad".


This is probably because we never change untill staying the same is more painful.


I second that emotion, but advise gravitating towards pleasure whenever possible.

Kevin Van Hentenryck casts a gaze in our direction.

"Mary 1- 8- 06" is a nod to the cyclopean pyramid. Masons, whatever.


Big brother is watching, but I suppose Mary is too.


Let's give us the benefit of the doubt.


We reap what we sow... except for the weeds.

This assemblage sows a whirling solid rocket booster in a death spiral.

3 cheers to Lesley Gertsema for using a recycled CD to remind us that war is bad in "The Sowers".



Joyceannewlodarczyk (I almost have that name memorized...) wraps up this Art Safari with "Stocking Wet".

It was dry when I touched it.

This is a morality play on parasols and pantyhose. Use stockings whenever possible because pantyhose trap moisture and create a breeding ground for bacteria.

And parasols only love you when it's raining.


Buy Buy for now.


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