POT LUCK I regret that I have but one stomach to give to art. A cast iron stomach for a cast iron pot of gallery gumbo. If you can't take the kitsch, get out of the kitchen... but if you're feeling lucky, grab a gooey bowl of pot luck goulash and join me for this Art Safari's culinary quest at the groaning board that is The Arts Upstairs.



Joe Avarista pulls off a Tromp L'oeil "Leather Chest" that is not leather, but ceramic.

Ann Byer wins the best religious transubstantiation award with tumbled beach glass and a large pod becoming a foreboder of Chanukah...




Erika Hornburg Cooper really gets to the bottom of things with "Postcard from Jane."

If you use your imagination the green globes could also be drooping breasts.



Nathan Ganio hocks up a piping hot "Ham Dinner" - ham hocks that is...

This one still seems to be dripping quite a bit of gelatin from the can.


Just so you don't get your salivary glands too exhausted, I bring on "The Bad Guys" by Joan Hall.

How's the old apetite now, eh?

And what is Alfred E. Neuman doing up there?


Jowe Head was chosen from over 3 billion humans to invent "Eye Trap".

The design was briefly assigned to Alfred E. Neuman's total disinformation network.



Preston Jones has me stumped. I don't see the connection between this painting and "All About The Queen".

But the dots are nice.


Amoebas unite. Or is that amoebae? Lenny Kislin's tongue is firmly planted in this cheeky palette called "In the artists direct plea for immortality does spelling count?"

Or punctuation for that matter!


Shelli Lipton takes tea to a new level in "Portfolio/ Pot Luck !!".

This is a lucky pot of golden autumn leaves.




Paxton Mobley combines Surrealism with Freudianism and a healthy dash of space balls to arrive at "Red Shoes".

Part of a solo room installation by Judith Singer - excerpts from her exceptional collection.




Vladimir Rybinsky pulls our legs with this "Self Portrait" that looks for all the world like Hieronymous Bosch on salvia divinorum.

Also part of the Singer collection.



Judith Singer also included some of her own artworks.

This one is "The Lost Child".

She plans a limited edition of this one to be printed on milk cartons!


Marcia Wolf takes a rainy day and turns it into a rainbow gumbo in this Pot luck after dinner cordial,

"Cityscape Number 2"

See you at the next opening!