Recollections: By crackie! That's the way I heard it! What was the question? I forgot to take my Ginko this morning. Or was it yesterday? In either case, drop a double dose of your favorite petit madeline and take a rosy-fingered-dawn stroll down memory lane with me, your tour guide of the dust bunnies in the attic.

Maria Theresa Albanese uses the "Sea with shell" amplification principal to improve the hearing and thus the understanding.

"Orb" by John Byer is doing a pretty good job of surveillance over the convenience store across the street. Every movement is surveilled.

Noel Darvie has a "Brooklyn Bridge" she would like to sell you.

Fiore DeRosa brings back fond memories of "Christmas Chess Set" past with this moonlit snowy winter night gameboard.
I remember her. Or someone just like her in a Sweedish magazine. I expect Bronson Eden would have her "Study and Practice" her Sweedish for hours at a time.
Lynn Fliegel has a way with the oceanic unconcious in "Ocean 1"
H K Pulschen has a mnemonic device hidden in his pompadour. Or was it pneumatic?
"What You Are I Was" What he said.
Lenny Kislin portrays "Our Foreign Policy" as a derailed yet curiously attractive pile up.
James P Knight reaches "To The Light"
Margaret Owen painted these "Blue and Green Mountains"
David McWhinnie brings a touch of gay paree to Phoenicia with "Yvet".
The grass is greener on "The Other Side Of The Gate" by Holly Post.
One misty evening the thighs of desire rose up from the moors. Sandra Nystrom was there to witness the event but she was "Dreaming" at the time.

Kenn Whyte takes "Circuity" to a new level. Each one of those tubes leads tothe same place, though.


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