Reflections and Perceptions... Let's think of this month's theme as a form of musing. I like to do my most amusing musings at Arts Upstairs. They should call it a museum. So now it's time to face the muse-ic and muse with me and my reflections. Get out your perceptual windex, get wiping and join me on a trip through the looking glass...



Michelle Sparks off this Art Safari with a reflection on reflections. Who is the fairest one of all?

"The Bird's Path Through The Sky" is a sure indicator.






Janet reflects on war, poverty, violence and despair in "Time To Kill".

The title can be taken two ways: an unbusy moment, or an order.

I think what she really means is a time for peace, but mirror images are backwards.

John Kilb reminds me of the outsider artist's artist, Ralph Fasanella, in this primitive romp through "My Old Neighborhood Greenwich Village NYC"

Can you find the artist in his studio? Hint: It's about one inch to the right of the grey and white car. Try clicking on the window...

ColetteSchelker teaches us that some of the greatest treasures are simple fern fronds.

I am very frond of "Treasures".

Anique Taylor spells out my philosophy in slightly phoenetic letter blocks. Why not? she lives in Phoenicia, no?






The title is "Believe", I believe.

The balmy weather has gotten to Bronson Eden's brain.

It seems like Mary Poppins is jumping for joy, but the fellow at the bottom is decidedly glum.

Put away your bumbershoot, Bronson, and enjoy the "Warm Winds Of Winter"


However, Now is as good a time as any to reflect on mortality with Elaine Fasula.

"Penny For Your Thoughts" sounds like a bargain to me.



We could use some perking up after that one, so how about Erica Minglis' spicy mirrorized Mexican mixed media "One Hot Tamale"


Dr. Harold Edgerton was a pioneer in stroboscopic photography and was the inspiration for this painting "Apple Puff" by Dave Channon. Even though I made the picture, it took a knowledgeable artist (Judith Singer) at the opening to remind me where I got the image from.

see original photo below...

Check out Muybridge for other fascinating experimental photos.


Jerilyn Babroff created this ceramic "Mask 2"

I thought it would help ease the tension of the previous picture.



So what do I do next but point out Loel Barr's disturbing anthropomorphic amphibian in "The Biologist".

This is one Barr Exam I hope I never have to take.




Margaret Owen has us seeing dots before our eyes in "Dotted Flower".


Dots nice!





Marilyn Rowley graduates from collage and this "Buds" for you.

It reminds me of the nostalgic line about lost love in a Tom Waits song...

"I remembered the words but forgot the sheet music..."


Margarete de Soleil is very perceptive.

In "Autumn Shadows" she captures the fleeting dance of light across the forest floor.


I used to think that in this world, you and I didn't add up to a hill of beans.

But "Beans of Color" changed my perception of that old chestnut from a Bogart movie.

Thank you, Nancy Catandella.


Polly Law (you gotta love these names) Provides a retro inspection of the relationship between self and nature, and between our several selves in "Reflection/Perception"

Jill Held's use of an old rusty pick makes this the most unusual and powerful "Menorah" I have ever seen.

It comes with a large box of holiday candles, too.

Last but not least, Jaqueline Rohn wraps up this Art Safari with a splendid array of intricately inlaid mosaic mirrors.

My fave is the one at the bottom called "Fan Mirror"

Notice the reflection of yours truly in the upper center... If you buy this one, it will be your reflection in there instead of mine.