Yes, Virginia, there is a small works show at The Arts Upstairs. It's your one-stop holiday season shoppertunity. This dynamic extravaganzance of dimminunity is only exceeded by the scrumtious mini solo show by Bronson Eden, and the very timely micro-mini solo clock show by Leslie Bryce. So climb on Santa's ample lap and Ho Ho Ho your way through this month's Art Safari. We're going after small game!



Norm Darvie takes us through four tomented stages of fear in his hydrocal sculpture series called "Souls of the Wrathful."






Su Van Exel carved this exel-ent alabaster bust named "Self Portal."

Its swerves and curves are like hors d'ouvres.


"Small Vessles" by Sandra Palmer Shaw are the perfect way to hold even smaller objet d'art.

Within the objet are even smaller boxes of Quaker Oats.


If you've got the time, we got the clocks.

"Decorative Clocks" by Leslie Bryce... a micro-mini solo show.

Un-encumbered with all those pesky numerals, who needs 'em?

Notice they all show 2:30 or thereabouts.

For a good time, visit the Arts Upstairs!






What we leave out says as much as what we include. Like the sound of one hand clapping.

Rachel X. Weissman inaugurates her TAU career with "Reaching back for a pillow."

The title may be a reference to words spoken by a Zen master. Ask Rachel. Just don't ask her what the X stands for.

"Reclining nude with doorknob buttocks" is my first close encounter with Ben Rubin. The cubist inspired figure is packed with simultaneously incongruous perspectives and curoiusly asymmetrical breasts.
I finally understand how someone could contract venereal desease from a doorknob.


Moving right along, we have this spermatozooic action figure titled: "Firebird."

Not to be confused with "Freebird."


Not that I was confused.

Gerald Hopkins wasn't.

He did not hesitate to use the wrist, elbow and shoulder in this cunningly framed third of a tryptich.

Bronson Eden's flights of graphite make it de rigeur to visit his symphonious new solo show at Arts Upstairs.

A fandango jumble-aya of Tarot, Mucha, Gunga Din, Tinkerbelle and Dia de los Muertes.

With a dash of Sweedish nudist colony cheesecake.

"Little Mr. Know-It-All" may know, but he sure ain't tellin'.


I am swimming in the waxy translucence of "Girl on Grass with Mirror."

Or is it transcendence?

Mirror, mirror on the grass... how I wonder about that lass.

What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fragile symmetry?


Phillip Franklin is the framer. They ain't doorknobs.




Marguerite deSoleil has created a perfect micro-mini-nano solo show with her glass encrusted display.

Just in time for the mad Christmas rush.






"Las Obritas"

Maybe little works of art?



"Moon Rising Over Pond" is a world within a world by Salvorita, colored in moonshine.


I'm not sure I agree with the central hypothesis of Tom Fraser's "Truly Sparrow Est Belle."


The painting is truly belle however, so I will not make a big stink about it.


Well, now all that is left for you to do is drop by the gallery and make Virginia happy. She has been very good this year.

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