Physicists claim the simplest explanation is usually correct. Like the Higgs Boson that causes weight. Academia weighs in a bit heavier, often embroiled in opaque jargon indecipherable to anyone but the largest foreheads among us. Since Hydrocephaly makes it hard to fit hats, we use the example of Alfred E. Neuman to illustrate our point. The point on our heads, that is...



Brian Batista "Signals" us in a flow chart inspired abstract.

I think this painted circuit board has a boson hiding in there somewhere.









Harper Blanchet does an encore performance this month as a solo artist extraordinaire. Number "117" doesn't give much of a clue to his intent but says a lot about his prolificity.




Bronson Eden actually builds circuit boards and does the Varga circuit in addition to his digitized mesmerized light emitting diode display with no name I could decipher. Buy the CD and do this at home.

Better than the worm eating entertainment specials on regular TV.










Michael Esposito storms the Bastille with a carnivalic "DNA Landscape Abundance 3"

Where are the simple artworks?




Is this simple? Well, maybe so. Yvonne Gunner tried as hard as possible to distil a complex subject into a a small package. "Black & White Leaf".




Lenny Kislin is simply scrumptious. I mean his artwork, that is.

Here is "Are We There Yet?"


The title adds a layer of complexity... perhaps we should start counting license plates.





Anna C. Maguire reduces female pulchritude to a swarthy crimson palette in her "Ayeesha's Shirt".




She lacks pulchritude but has ample attitude- Gavin Owen's "Standing Nude".





"Liquid Mosaic" takes the Dave Prize of Title Achievement for the most aptly named painting in the show. Not really simple, but simply beautiful.

By Lou Pollack.





Very complicated - but I chose to include Anique Taylor's painting 'Glitter" for its spectacular quilt like essence.


Naomi Teppich is a newcomer to The Arts Upstairs. She hails from Damascus Pa and has a wonderful sculpture, "Snakeroot" up in Highmount at the 49A sculpture Garden, part of the Shandaken Art Studio Tour happening on July 21-22.


Not to be confused with this natural wood and amazingly lifelike ceramic "River Lichen".

Helene Weissman is also a solo room artist and her show is worth the trip.

This painting is my fave, "Marsh in Mass"