Spring is time to get unsprung. Is that an oxymoron? Spurt sap. Pop a few buds. If the caterpillars leaf us alone we can get foliated. Artists must honor spring with creative impulse and inspiration! So be a bee with me and dip your proboscis into the flowers of creation. You never dipped your probiscis? I guess you weren't at the the opening... or at least the last opening at Arts Upstairs...


Anna Mae Barnes stimulates our taste buds and our retinal cones simultaneously in "Still Life With Fruit"... at least in my imagination. Drink in the photon cider. There I go again.

Bronson Eden Springs a dashing crop in "Woman with whip". You can tell he is very disciplined about his painting. I am in the flock of sheep, third from the left.

Dana Fraser is amazing. I don't know how she captures the life essence and chiarascuro in the same brush stroke... "Hannah" might just as well be titled "Hozannah".


I love "Currents" by Jennifer Hathaway. One time I was tubing on the Esopus and banged my head on a boulder. This is what it looked like to me. I would do it again, but it's much more convenient just to buy the painting.


This is a photo of a pine tree in Phoenicia. Notice how the forest caterpillars can't climb over the Crisco? They hate it! At last, the ultimate killer application for Crisco.






Sparrow holds a butterfly in "Oh is your mother here?" by Jesse Owen.

Or is it a Gypsy Moth? I always thought beauty was in the eye of the Bee-holder. The butterfly probably thinks beauty is in the butt of the sparrow squatter.







Lynn Fliegel transcends butterflies and blossoms in "Blue Flowers". Imagine if all you had to do was fly about and sip nectar? That's my kinda job.

Maraleen Manos - Jones portrays "The Miracle Of Spring" like a full wingspread eagle. Or perhaps a street vendor showing what he has up his sleeve.





Ron English juxtaposes Vincent VanGogh's sunflowers on a mirrorized mylar inflatable bunny rabbit inspired by Jeff Koons. If you are careful you can count 27 seperate reflections of the VanGogh in the Koons.

This is what you call "Inbreed/Hybrid"

Troy Gangle either made or appropriated this funeral wreath which he entitles "Heaven on Earth" There is one red-white-and-blue flower in the upper center of particular interest.





Zoltan Kutya expresses the symmetry of tree. Notice how the roots mirror the branches? That Yin-Yang in combination with the honeybees is how apples get born in "The source of Apples".



Joyceannewlodarczyk takes things quite literally in "Spring Has Sprung".


This goes far beyond the double helix of DNA, into a fifteen helix universe of multidimensional artistic possibilities. Can you tell I'm reading Michio Kaku's new book?



Nevertheless, "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!"

...and enjoy spring.



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