Kate Moss was never so winsome and wild as in this fetchingly wall-eyed portrait by John Sowley. It's his first time exhibiting at Arts Upstairs and we hope to see more.

What luck! another charmed painting by Sowley that just might be the Mt. Rushmore of good American eating, "Madison Avenue Girls". John is an octogenarian 1.5 - think how many pancake breakfasts that comes out to.

I recognize the 3 ladies on the left but the verdict is still out on the fourth. Any ideas? email you best guess to Art Safari Dave




Tibor R. Spitz is another elder artist showing for the first time at TAU.

Shout 6 is a penetrating pointilist painting of the horrors of war, something Tibor has had first hand experience with.





In Tibor's Debate #1
I see a light hearted forest nymph dancing and intertwining with the wild spirits of nature.
Do you believe as I do that art has the magic power to heal wounds, even wounds of war? If so, please send your peace drawings to George W. Bush.



James Achstater advises "Leave your baggage at the door"

James carries no fussy old academic art school baggage and takes wild liberties with human anatomy that border on teratogenesis, but crisply delivers the message anyway. The lady has obviously been a lot of places but only her naked self may enter the room.

What is going on with her finger in the keyhole anyway?




The attractive found object montage "Strange and the Stranger" by Jud Eden highlights The Stranger, a wildly popular news weekly in Oregon and a drop of New York's Village Voice.



Love those covers!

Phoenicia Times: are ya listenin'?


I painted "Grand Army Plaza". It features among other wild things a 12 foot tall inflatable polyethelene nuclear cooling tower that pumps up with exhaust from a car.

I did this a few years ago in front of the Capitol in Washington DC and black limos with tinted windows kept slowly driving by. I was not arrested. Do not try this today.



Howard Hopkins Jr. adoringly portrays two fat and glossy mating trout in "Trophy Browns."

Milt and Roe are beginning to flow. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are rippling the water in a wild orgasmic arching wriggle.

Their facial expressions are also quite evocative.



Katherine Gann has been creating these wonderful goddess-like figures for a long time, but has never shown in a gallery before. Hoodathunkit.

Here is "Woman Free #3" Didn't Sparrow see a cloud in the shape of this scuplture floating over Phoenicia?

Fine hardwood is transformed into a wild buoyant, flamboyant perfection of yummy female pulchritude.

"Satyrday Male Delivery" comes in a nice pen and ink package from Bruce Ackerman
Whenever you're in the wild forest primeval this kind of thing is likely to happen.
It's always nice when mere mortals mingle with demi-gods like Pan. I wonder who plays the guitar?

Chance Fraser turns oil paint into a chilling, burning, sooty terror in "Clear Skies?"


I find it wild that this is Chance's fourth oil painting in his life.




"Sheesh! All I said was "Let them eat cake"

Lenny Kislin's title says almost everything about this wildly rustic, yet highly functional tableaux.





In a blast of color, Jim C. gives a wild impression of "Sunset on Overlook Mountain"


If you have never been up to the firetower on Overlook, you must give it a try. I will remember this painting the next time I go there.






This is Mathew Pokoik's photo he took in Japan which just goes to show that people are wild everywhere you go...

...Wild you were looking at this page, I was out in the wilds once again.