Wired Like too many triple expressophetamines on an empty stomach. Like 50 million bugged-out eyeballs on Limbaughger cheese TV.   Like teen somethings twittering and texting in the blogosphere. Like the back of the rack of my electronic stack. Like cracking up on crack. Calm down woodja?!  PLEASE - My nerves!  If music hath charms that soothe the savage beast, then why can't art jack up the axions? Learn the answer to this and many other irrelevant questions in this month's ART SAFARI.


Borealis, Batman!  Aurora has captured the the look of retina under thumb compression... those dancing geometries you see when rubbing your eyes, getting whacked on the head, or over the influence of under the counter substances. "My Love Affair With The Abstract" is all of those things and flowers, too.


Clare Kassor knows what the road to my brother's house looks like, and says it in "How Nice It Was". Now, when someone talks about fine threads, I no longer think of Armani. I think of Kassor.



I saw the handwriting on the wall when entering the solo room zone of Marit Dik, a Dutch artist visiting Phoenicia for the Hudson River Quadricentennial celebration. Calligraphic Warholian scribbles coalesce into a fabric of paintings and graphite graphics. A modern cave painter.

Marit slew the boar with her dagger. Flesh is good. Cucumbers are good, too.

Dr. Ruth said that.




The quintessential wired man Bronson Eden tickes the silicon ivories in his neurologically inspired breadboard, "The Philosopher".  If it's blinking, it likes you!



Lynn Fliegel's "Gold Abstract" is bound to be the very next craze.  Just like the E - Lectrical banana it appears to imitate. Or is it just my 'magination?

Now we've done it. a beheadin beholdin to no one, a modern day Medusa maskquerading as Barbie. Leslie Geertsema, is that what you are "Offering" us?



Lenny Kislin: "Waiter, there's a fly on my plaque"

Waiter: "Go see a hygienist."

A quick glance at "The Fly's favorite trophy" will save you a trip to the brain dentist.


Kevin Green starts with a doctor's office chair and ends up with a wired contraption that would fit in comfortably in a Texas penitentiary. "Stool Time" derives its name from what happens to you when you hit the switch and turn on the juice.


Joan Hall spent some time "Remembering Watergate". Who or what is representd by the angel? I don't remember that part of the story.



Erica Minglis gets all wrapped up in this month's theme. Underwire, overwire, coils and goils. It's named after the shoot-from-the-hip femme fatale, "Barbed Wire".


Gloria Mirsky just made a nice painting. "Sunset".  I looked for hidden meanings and found none.


Jesse Owen does some ivory tickling himself in this fabulous fauve without a title. Not even "Untitled". How about that?


Robert Ricard takes his comix seriously. Unlike his school assignments. That's why he is "Not Doin' Homework".


Aliens are among us. "Saucer Captain" is proof. Dave Channon found this interstellar craft at Area 28. A little known government facility for studying extra-terestrials at Shandaken Town Hall.


Rita Schwab further explores the saucer theme in this representation of primordial Pangaea entitled, "Tabletop With Stone and Shells Inlay".

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